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EATTA at a Glance

The East African Tea Trade Association is a voluntary organization bringing together Tea Producers, Buyers (Exporters), Brokers, Tea Packers and Warehouses, all working to promote the best interests of the Tea Trade in Africa. Currently, membership comprises over three hundred companies extending across the East and Central African borders. EATTA mandated to promote and facilitate the interests of all the stakeholders in the tea trade in Africa by creating an enabling business environment geared towards maintaining global standards and delivering tea products to the customers in the most profitable way.

Vision: To be the leading tea trade association globally

Mission: To facilitate a world class trading platform for African teas and provide sustainable service to members.

Core Business


Promotion of orderly sale of tea among members in Africa through facilitation of the Mombasa Tea Auction operations and ensuring compliance with the constitution.


To lobby regulatory and statutory bodies in member countries to create an enabling business environment for our members along the value chain.


To facilitate effective access to market and other relevant industry trade information.


To compile and circulate statistical information to assist members in their operations.

Principles, Code of Conduct and Ethics

The East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) Code of Conduct and Ethics is a commitment that is made by all of its Members to pursue their business activities in full compliance with all laws and to uphold the highest ethical transparent and professional standards, treating all our partners with integrity thus earning the trust of our customers, business partners, suppliers, Government and the community in general. These core values govern our operations and what we stand for and by observing the letter and the spirit of this Code we are affirming our source of pride as Members of the EATTA.

(i) Honest and Ethical Conduct

Each Member of the EATTA will maintain a high standard of conduct and character in both their professional and personal interests and will act honestly and ethically and will not be party to any illegal or improper activities. Members will ensure that those who work with them uphold the same standards through dialogue and training. 

(ii) Compliance with the Code of Conduct and EATTA Regulations

The EATTA Code and Rules and Regulations are supported by the Management Committee and are set to assure all industry stakeholders that they are bound by these Rules and confirm that business will be conducted with integrity. All Members therefore should understand and familiarise themselves with the Rules and Regulations of the EATTA and Members have an obligation to follow the standards of this Code and requirements therein.

(iii) Compliance with Government Laws, Rules and Regulations

All Members of the EATTA are committed to full compliance with all Government Laws, Rules and Regulations that may apply to their activities.  Any illegal activity, including fraud and corrupt practices is strictly forbidden and if proven will result in immediate cancellation of membership and notification to the relevant authorities and all parties concerned.

 (iv) Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest arises when a Member’s personal interest interferes with the interests of the EATTA and thus making it difficult for such a Member to perform their duties objectively and effectively. Members are requested not to use their positions or other means to obtain any improper personal benefit for themselves, for their families, or for any other person.  Members must declare to the EATTA Management Committee in writing that they have no conflict of interests. Any concerns as to possible conflicts should be declared in writing to the EATTA Management Committee for consideration.

(v)  Internal Reporting of Concerns

All Members are encouraged to forward their concerns of any knowledge of a potential suspected or actual violation of this Code to the Management Committee of the EATTA. Failure to do so is itself a violation of the Code.   Such concerns will be investigated confidentially and the EATTA will under no circumstances tolerate any form of retaliation or discrimination against any such Member.

(vi) Enforcement

The Management Committee will oversee the administration of EATTA’s Code and to respond promptly and professionally to any submissions or allegations that may be forwarded by its Members. The Management Committee will convene a meeting within five working days to review any reported violation and will liaise with the appropriate Sub-Committee(s). Deliberations of these meetings will be minuted and shared with the appropriate Sub-Committee(s) and the Management Committee will take appropriate action.

(vii) Certificate of Compliance

This Code of Conduct makes clear the adherence to the law and ethical behaviour. However, compliance requires a commitment by each Member who must satisfy this pledge as it will signal the Member Company’s commitment to act in accordance with the Code.  We, ……………………………….………….(Name of Company) certify that we have read the Code of Conduct and understand that we individually and severally must adhere to its standards of conduct and report promptly any action that appears inconsistent with these standards.

Recent Updates


25 February 2022

Recruitment of a Software Developer EATTA seeks applications from qualified candidates for the position of a Software Developer. Qualified and...



06 May 2020

The performance of the tea industry is vital to the Kenyan economy. Tea accounts for approximately 26% of Kenya’s export...

Tea Farmers urged to focus on improving quality of Tea

Tea Farmers urged to focus on improving quality of Tea

05 August 2019

Tea farmers urged to focus on improving quality of Tea

EATTA calls on farmers not to focus solely on raising tea volumes

EATTA calls on farmers not to focus solely on raising tea volumes

05 August 2019

The East African Tea Trade Association is appealing to tea farmers across the country to focus on producing higher quality...

US Ambassador Kyle McCarter

US Ambassador Kyle McCarter

21 June 2019

EATTA was honored to host the US ambassador to Kenya His excellency Kyle McCarter when he visited Mombasa Tea Auction...


21 May 2019

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07 March 2019

EATTA Chairman signs an agreement with BAF to receive Kshs. 16.7 million Advocacy funds for the tea sector.

Average Prices Per Grade Year 2018

21 February 2019

Grades data



30 November 2018

EATTA participated and bagged two awards during the KPMG Top 100 ceremony held at the Carnivore Hotel, Nairobi on Friday...

Prequalification of Suppliers

11 September 2018

EATTA prequalification of suppliers year 2019-2020 Guidelines for Prequalification of Suppliers 2019-2020 Prequalification of Suppliers CCTV disposal

Inside Business Featuring Tea industry

19 December 2016

The Managing Director Mr. Edward mudibo interview on K24 inside business



22 September 2016

The East African Tea Trade Association is a progressive and socially aware organization. As such we are dedicated to integrating...

Mombasa International Show

08 September 2016

The Mombasa International Show (MIS) was established in 1903 and is situated on the North Coast of the Coastal Resort...

Prequalification of Suppliers

29 August 2016

Pre-qualification of Suppliers Tender (2017-2018) - East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) is in the process of compiling its list...

 Visit by the CS, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MOALF) Hon. Willy Bett

Visit by the CS, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MOALF) Hon. Willy Bett

02 August 2016

On Tuesday 12th April 2016, EATTA hosted the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Hon. Willy Bett, the Acting Interim Head of...

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Kenya Chamber of Commerce
Federation of Kenya Employers
International Tea Committee

EATTA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

EATTA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified


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