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EATTA Press release by the New Chairman Mr. Nelson Orgut

East Africa Tea Trade Association 53rd Annual General Meeting

26th March 2010

Welcome to this press briefing. I am the new Chairman of the new company the East Africa Tea Trade Association. I am very proud to have been elected today. We are navigating uncharted territories but with the board that has been constituted today that combines long experience and new energy and vibrancy, we are more than a match for the opportunities and challenges that we will come across.

Last year the tea prices were the best they have in a decade. Tea sold at an average of $ 2.82 per kilo globally. Some 279 million kilograms of tea was sold through the Mombasa tea auction. Of this- Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda sold 97% of the quantities. The auction remains an important medium for the tea trade in Africa. This is a time of renewed optimism for our members. Coupled with this is the birth of the new EATTA.

The secretariat has made important headway in the implementation of the strategic plan. The year was eventful with the appointment of a Managing Director as well as functional heads to operations and marketing. The expectation of the membership is that a fully staffed and empowered secretariat will be better positioned to address the interests of its members. The members have today appointed a board of 13 directors consisting of five producer members – two from Kenya and one each from Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, three buyers, one member each representing brokers, packers and warehouses and an independent director.

The broad objectives of EATTA include

  • Reengineering the Mombasa tea auction system to speed up cycle times and reduce costs by implementing a 24/7 online trading system.
  • Becoming the definitive source of tea trade information and statistics
  • Driving the identity of and growth in demand for African teas
  • Building stronger linkages with policy makers as well as other local, regional and global stakeholders

As part of the resolutions of today our members have adopted the new articles of association recognizing EATTA as a company limited by guarantee to substitute the existing ones for EATTA as a society. Our members also adopted the new EATTA rule book. A major component of which is introducing the new electronic tea payment system. This system will provide reassurance to producers and brokers that they get paid the proceeds of the sale of their teas efficiently. Members have approved the system and it will now run as a parallel system to the previous auction trading system so that the members have a choice on the system to use.

As part of efforts to modernize the auction so as to make it efficient and to reduce the cycle time, an ambitious plan to automate the Mombasa auction is in the works.  As part of the process IT consultants were commissioned to carry out a feasibility study that will guide the implementation of the project. The Feasibility study will provide the basis for the way forward. Our aim is to make the auction open and accessible 24/7 which will significantly reduce the cycle time from the current two weeks.

EATTA is working with relevant authorities on harmonizing and enhancing the tea industry standards in line with global trends. We have set as goals to have our members seek   principal standards; ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety management system) and Quality management System (QMS) certification that will enable us continue to maintain the high reputation that we are recognized for. Last week the secretariat organised a highly successful food safety standards and certification workshop for our members.

Identifying new markets is an integral part of the EATTA mandate. In this regard EATTA has secured funding from the EU to develop capacity in our members to better market tea in existing markets as well as new products for the existing markets.  EATTA has joined the International Tea Committee as associates where we can access up to date statistics and information to share with our members.

We are also driving a taskforce set up together with, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Tea Research Foundation and Tea Board of Kenya on intellectual property value capture for tea that has the potential to significantly enhance the price we negotiate when selling our tea. The initiative has started in Kenya and will be extended to our other member countries.

Tea is an important foreign exchange earner for each of our member countries. We feel that going forward we will get the appropriate level of coverage. This is a beginning of a new level of engagement.

For more information

Dr. Kipkirui Arap Lang’at OGW

Managing Director

East Africa Tea Trade Association

041 2228460 / 041 2220093

Tea Trade Centre


The Chairman's speech as delivered during the 53rd Annual General meeting of East African Tea Trade Association.

Chairman’s report at the 53rd Annual General Meeting of East Africa Tea Trade Association

26th March 2010

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of EATTA, I would like to welcome you all to the 53rd annual general meeting of the association.

Eatta participated in the 3rd Global Dubai Tea forum and Mr. Brian Ngwiri Marketing Manager EATTA brings you the keynote activities and events during this successful conference in the Tea Industry.

This year more than 300 delegates attended the event.  EATTA was represented by its Managing Director Dr. Kipkirui Arap Lang’at and the Marketing Manager Mr. Brian Ngwiri. While at the forum EATTA made very important contacts that we intend to develop and make use of for the benefit of our members. More on this will be shared later.

ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

Awareness /Internal Auditor Training


Date: Friday 29th - 31st August 2011,  Time 09h00 -  16h30)

Participants: Rwanda Tea Producing Factories

Training Body: Bureau Veristas Kenya Ltd

Participating Institutions:

  1. NAEB Head quarter


Session Title Time
  EATTA launch of Capacity Building Program
1. Chapter 1 – Course Introduction 0900-0930
2. Exercise 1 – Introduction 0930-1000

Chapter 2 – Product Hazards

4.        Coffee break 1030 -1100
5.        Chapter 3 – Controlling Product Hazards 1100-1140
6.        Exercise 2 – Classification (Hazard, process failure and control measure) 1140-1215
7.        Chapter 4 – Codex Alimentarius 1215-1300
8.        Lunch 1300-1400
9.        Chapter 5 – Why we need food safety 1400-1500
10.    Workshop  – Prerequisite Programmes 1500-1530
11.    Coffee 1530-1600
12.    Chapter 6 – Employee health and hygiene 1600-1700


Session Title  
13.    Chapter 7 - Introduction to food safety management systems 0900-0930
14.    Chapter 8 - Clauses of the standard 0930-1000
15.    Chapter 9 – Planning and realization of safe products 0930-1000
16. Coffee break 1030 -1100
17.    Exercise 3 - Documentation 1100-1145
18.    Exercise 4 – Making a food safety management system 1145-1300
19.    Lunch 1300-1400
20.    Workshop 2 1400-1530
21.    Coffee break 1530-1600
22.    Chapter 10 – Potentially unsafe products 1600-1630
23.    Chapter 11 - Improvement 1630-1700


Session Title  
24.    Chapter 12 – Audit management 0900-0930
25.    Chapter 13 – NCRs and corrective actions 0930-1030
26.    Coffee break


27.    Exercise 5 – NCRs

1100 -1230

28.    Chapter14 – Approach to the audit 1230-1300
29.    Lunch 1300-1400
30.    Chapter 15 – Performing an audit 1400-1430
31.    Exercise 6 - Communication 1430-1500
32.    Chapter 16 - Reporting 1500-1530
33.    Course evaluation and feedback 1530-1600
34.    Coffee break 1600
35.    End of course  

At last it has happened !!! It is now official EATTA has been officially registered as a company limited by guarantee, registered under company number CPR/2009/10443 (the Company). The new company will retain the same name “East African Tea Trade Association.”

Membership & Affiliation

Kenya Chamber of Commerce
Federation of Kenya Employers
International Tea Committee

EATTA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

EATTA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified


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