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Corporate Social Responsibility

The East African Tea Trade Association is a progressive and socially aware organization. We are dedicated to integrating good corporate citizenship into our business strategies, since CSR is integral to the long-tern sustainability of our business.Our efforts are restricted to the following identified significant areas of focus, namely:

  1. Education
  2. Environment
  3. Worthy Initiatives.

What is EATTA?

CSR Projects

  • Water Boreholes


    Provision of boreholes in areas prone to water shortage during dry spells within catchment. DL Group - Ikanga Tea Company (Tanzania)

  • Adopt a Fruit Tree Initiative


    Adopt a fruit tree initiative, KTDA Foundation Ltd (Targeting two schools at Kiru Tea factory in Muranga County (Kenya), plant about 300-400 fruit trees which will protect the environment, boost nutrition and improve education.



    To ensure that the children have a safe and clean environment in which to carry out their studies, EATTA partnered with SDZ CHA SARL of Mozambique to repair and maintain the government run school on the property.

  • Educating Abubakar Mohamed


    Meet Abubakar Mohamed, a 15-year-old boy, born and raised in Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa. He comes from poor background and during primary school, it was not uncommon for him to go a whole day at school without eating. Despite the hardships of lacking basic necessities and cruelty of Mombasa crowded neighborhoods, he never gave up on learning. At the end of primary school standardized exam, he scored 305 marks and was selected to join Moi Forces Academy-Mombasa. Through support of EATTA CSR, Master Abubakar is able to continue his studies as he pursues his dream of becoming a lawyer.

  • Prothem Usine S.A – Gisozi Tea - Burundi


    EATTA partnered with Prothem Usines S.A of Burundi who selected to work with Transformed to Transform the Nations Children’s Home of Hope Orphanage at Ruziba, Bujumbura Rural Province, Burundi. Among its projects, TTN has established the Home of Hope Children’s Orphanage, whose main objective is to provide the less privileged, vulnerable orphaned children with a family setting. At Home of Hope, their needs are met; spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically in order to raise them into responsible citizens and future leaders in the church, community as well as the nation.

  • Mji wa Salama Children's Home


    EATTA continues to partner with Mji was Salama Children’s home. This is an institutional care centre under the Child Welfare Society of Kenya which was started in 1970. It caters for orphans, abandoned neglected children of jailed parents, abused children both defilement/battered cases, HIV and Immigrants. The home depends entirely on donations from well-wishers for its upkeep and recurrent expenditure. In 2019, as part of our CSR support, EATTA purchased mattresses for the children to cater for the increasing number of abandoned and abused children being brought to the home.

Membership & Affliliation

Kenya Chamber of Commerce
Federation of Kenya Employers
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EATTA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

EATTA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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