Reduction of the KEPHIS Charges for Tea Inspection

Kephis have agreed to reduce the inspection charges for teas with multiple custom entries going to one consignee from Kshs. 20,000 to 10,000. For purposes of this levy, multiple custom entries consist of more than one. Whilst it would have been better if the charge was reduced back to the Kshs. 5000, Kephis MD (Dr. Onsando) said that the gazette notice authorizing the increment was first published in 2001 and it has been pending implementation since then. According to the Kephis MD, the increase in the charge was as a result of their cost of operations increasing significantly without commensurate increase in support from the government. This is a matter that EATTA will take up with the government. The Kephis MD requested for an opportunity to meet the tea trade in Mombasa in an open forum to discuss concerns the trade may have with the organisation. EATTA will organise a forum very soon that the Kephis team will come to familiarize themselves with the Mombasa tea auction.

This development is a positive one achieved after alot of consultations and lobbying by EATTA. We strive to continue the advocacy agenda on behalf of the tea trade in eliminating bottlenecks that hinder the smooth running of the trade.